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5045 West 1st Avenue • Denver, CO 80219

Client Hours
Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Closed Fridays

Donation Hours
Monday – Thursday
9:30 am – 2:45 pm
or by appointment

Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Closed Fridays


Chief Executive Officer
Michael Bright

Chief Operating Officer
Chris Hill

Medical Office Coordinator
Linda Carabajal

Director of medical services
Volunteer - Karen Hayes

Develoment Director
Donna Webb

Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer - Ana Cruz

Facilities Coordinator
Volunteer - Ron Davis

Job Readiness Coordinator
Volunteer - Angie Medina

Food Bank manager
Craig Hamilton






3 amigos

Meet our ACS Three Amigos

Volunteers, where do they come from?

To say that ACS runs “lean and mean” is an understatement!  We have five paid members of our team.  The rest are volunteers.  And, we KNOW that we would not be able to do anything we do without them.  They truly make our world go ‘round!  From meeting our clients as they come in the door, to acting as their personal shoppers in the food bank, each and every one of our clients comes in contact with perhaps a half dozen volunteers each time they visit us.  We KNOW we have the best volunteers in the land.  Because when our clients leave – whether from one of our medical clinics, thrift store, food bank, job readiness program, or one of our many other programs – they feel that they have been listened to and understood.  We help provide them with HOPE and the knowledge that they matter.  The gift of self-worth may be the most important thing they receive at ACS.

Well, " they" could be YOU!  If "they" are not you, we hope "they" will be in the future.  Our volunteers come from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, from all over.  Our volunteers come with many diverse religious, ethnic, and professional backgrounds, working together as a team with the common goal of serving their fellow man.  “Volunteering gives you the opportunity to exercise yourself as God’s hands.” Janelle Wolfe

Here’s the link to our Volunteer Application

  • If you want to enrich your life, volunteer.  Mary Thorpe-Mease
  • Volunteering: A noble thought turned into action.  Manuel Arango
  • Knowing you have made a small difference makes volunteering worth it.  Suzanne Bergen
  • I get so much more back from volunteering than I could possibly give.  Pat Bell


Santa Store volunteers for 2012, what a team!

Volunteers in the Santa Store 2012 The girls in the Santa Store 2012

  • Denver Metro area Seventh-day Adventist church members support all facets of the Center
  • Seniors Resource, Inc. and Rocky Mountain SER, place seniors participating in the U.S. Senior Labor program.  This program allows seniors over age 55 to train part time at minimum wage with a host agency such as ACS to supplement their income and produce new job skills
  • Denver Human Services, Jefferson County Workforce, Denver County Housing Authority and Jefferson County Housing Authority all utilize ACS Community LIFT as a host agency for families required to complete hours of community service in order to keep their benefiits of TANF and subsidized housing.
  • Community service ordered by the courts provides individuals who are trying to get their lives in order so they can move on
  • High School students who are required to perform a certain number of community service hours for class credits
  • Volunteers of America, RSVP (Retired Senior and Volunteer Program) brings many professional retired individuals that have a heart to serve
  • Metro Volunteers, are available for drop in emergency type service from companies and individuals when there is a special need
    Volunteer Match, an online resource to match a volunteer’s needs with a non-profit agency
  • Neighbors and individuals who were destined to volunteer for a season – some of our best volunteers have come from our very own neighborhood

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving week 2012

    Referrals from happy volunteers bring more happy volunteers.  We never have too many.  So come on down and join the fun.

Meridan Health - Thanksgiving 2012

Meridan Health bringing and unloading 100 Thanksgiving meals


Are you interested in becoming a VOLUNTEER Listed below are the opportunities

Agency Front office

Data Entry: Enter client data into database search, etc.

Receptionist/Facilitator: Answer phones during client hours, greet and direct clients

Physical Plant: General and yard maintance and upkeep


Interviewers: Make life worth living by interviewing clients and giving away food, rental and utility assistance as well as food and clothes

Options Food Bank: Unload and sort through the food, stock the shelves and assist the clients with their shopping

Yesterday's Treasures Thrift Center: Sort donations and mark them accordingly for resale. Personal shoppers assist customers with their selections.

Medical Services

Health professionals: Provide primary care to adults every Monday and Tuesday nights on the CareVan (mobile medical van) And Primary Care at the 1st St Clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.This progam is rapidly expanding to other days and venues to provide stop gap care to the disadvantaged and unisured. See the » Medical Services "Medical Services Page for more details.

Drivers: Drive the CareVan to and from events; pick up food and furniture donations

Medical Data Entry: Enter client data into the healthcare database

Enrollment Counselors:
Screening for patient participation & qualification.

Volunteer Bound: ACS Community L.I.F.T.

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