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A simple thing like taking a blood pressure in time can save a life.

This is exactly what happened last Tuesday evening at the CareVan downtown at 16th and Marion St.

A gentleman, we will call him Bill, stopped by just for some lotion for his dry skin. Living on the street in Colorado in the winter can play havoc on the skin. He didn't want to see the doctor or have any other medical procedures done for him, just some lotion.

In the past, we would have given him lotion and sent him on his way. However, we are now insisting that anyone who needs medical services of any kind must have their blood pressure, temperature, etc. taken if they want to be served.

So, after grumbling for several minutes, he finally resigned himself to the fact that if he wanted lotion, he had to go through the process. Lo and behold his blood pressure was off the charts. He was a heart attack waiting to happen. The doctor on duty took him to the exam room and did a thorough exam. Put him on blood pressure meds and told him to come back regularly to have his BP monitored.

So simple, yet so vitally important.. We care about lives, all lives, no matter what life has dealt them and we strive to do our very best to restore health and dignity to all individuals.


ACS Medical Services is temporarily not taking any new patients at this time. Thanks for your understanding.


Building healthy communities one person at a time

• Expand access to free healthcare for uninsured/underinsured children and adults
• Offer free wellcare for both children and adults as well as health management; diabetes, hypertension, allergy, asthma and other ailments
• Build partnerships with other healthcare providers

Monday Afternoons from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm by appointment only

New Location

Buck Recreation Center, east entrance

2004 W Powers Ave
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 797-8787

A team from Avista Hopsital continues to utilize the ACS CareVan to care for the families living in transitional housing at Growing Home in wheat ridge.

Every Tuesday Evening 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Street Care with the Carevan

Corner of 16th & Marion Streets in the Open Door Ministries parking lot

On Tuesday's, the CareVan provides food, clothing, hygiene items and medical care for the disenfranchized of Denver. This is an excellent opportunity for medical students as well as nursing students to apprentice under a licenced physician as a healthcare volunteer.

Thank you note from a Tuesday patient.

In November 2009, I finally left him for good. The domestic violence situation I had been in for years. And now I am able to take the next steps needed to continue to heal & grow in this life I now have. For 17 months every Tuesday you (the van) showed up to give to me, without question of who or why I was here. You fed me, you clothed me, you treated my mental health, you gave me a flu shot, you treated infected teeth and an infected ear, you gave me dreams for nightmares, you gave me hope.

Thank you all who volunteer week after week, putting up with so much and receiving little in return. You all helped me to be able to step out and step above domestic violence and despair.

Love always, name removed for privacy

Medical Clinic at ACS every Tuesday, Wednesdy & Thursday from 1pm to 4pm

Additional days will be added as more medical Professionals become available

5045 West 1st Ave
Denver, CO 80219

Preventative and Healthcare management
Chiropractic Care
Massage Therapy
Diabetic Foot Care
Acute Care and Chronic Disease Management
Mental Health Counciling

Call 303-935-7230 for an appointment

Services are provided without regard to any person’s race disability, color, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran status or any other classifications.


ACS Medical Services parter with several organizations in making this program effective for our patients.






Medical volunteers always needed. Volunteer Application

Please call Chris at 303-935-7389 for more information

or email: Chris Hill


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